Workshop 3: Opportunities and Challenges

Organised in partnership with Camden Council the third and final Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) workshop of the year aimed to supercharge collaboration between higher education and public service providers. Running back-to-back with the Nesta Social Frontiers conference, the workshop provided an opportunity for design led social innovation researchers and practitioners to share and […]

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DESIS-UK Workshop 2: Enterprise and Employability

The second event in the DESIS UK Network series will focus on enterprise and employability in Design Led Social innovation and HE provision to the sector. It will take place at the University of Lincoln on the 26th and 27th September. The network will hear from a range of designers, commissioners and funders.

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Universities begin to unlock the potential of social enterprise

Higher education is at the forefront of innovation, so it is no surprise the profile of social enterprises is rising. Universities have always played an important role in their communities and have frequently been at the forefront of innovation and enterprise, so it’s no wonder that social entrepreneurship is starting to emerge and thrive at […]

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Parsons Partners with Centre for Social Innovation

Parsons The New School for Design, including its School of Design Strategies and DESIS Lab, and the Centre for Social Innovation have announced a new partnership that will create an incubator program for Parsons students and recent alumni launching design-led social innovation projects. Centre for Social Innovation is a Toronto-based organization that has recently opened […]

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Piloting digital storytelling and action research as an approach to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy and behaviour change

A report has been released last week detailing a research project commissioned by DEFRA and conducted by the University of Bath that explored the effectiveness of digital storytelling, conveyed through the use of short video clips, as a means to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy amongst the 50 plus age group. You can access the report at […]


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“The UK prime minister has announced a multi-million pound prize fund designed to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems” – but will this be a search for ‘magic bullets’ or an opportunity to pilot more systemic human centred approaches?

At the UK DESIS Network event held in Northumbria University last month, which explored the UK HE landscape in relation to opportunities for DESIS activity, Marco Zappalorto presented Nesta’s recent activities in the areas of social innovation and enterprise, including their management of the £14 million innovation fund, the first initiative from the Cabinet Office’s […]


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Cleaner air for all

This week, 2-7 June is European Green Week. The theme of this years Green Week is ‘Cleaner air for all’. According to the latest data from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) London, once more, has the highest levels of the toxic gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2), of any capital city in Europe. Green Week’ takes place […]

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DESIS within the UK HE Landscape

Northumbria University, Tuesday 21st May 2013 The first event in the DESIS UK Network series will focus on the development and delivery of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) within the UK HE Landscape. Keynotes will include an introduction to a vision of HE as a social resource able to trigger and foster achievement […]

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