Workshop 1: Case studies

These are the case studies from the first DESIS workshop which focused design for social innovation and sustainability within the HE sector. Watch presentations on each of the projects below, or click the titles to go through to the the case study documents.

Space 2… Buy by Northumbria University

DESIS Green Camden by UAL, CSM, SRDI, Camden Council

DESIS GREEN CAMDEN – by UAL, CSM, SRDI, Camden Council from desis_uk

Service Design at Tyneside Mind by Northumbria University

Metadesigning spaces of engagement & exchange by HEI: Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Bydel Bjerke, Regents Univerity London, Goldsmiths

Let’s Build Together: Beyond Paper & Pixels by Northumbria University

Design for Ageing and Happiness by HKDILWLDESIS Lab, Social Design Research Group, Hong Kong Design Institute

Rebranding the branded by Northumbria University

Designing for citizen engagement by Lancaster University

Colourful Stories by Northumbria University

Plenary Discussion Session

Piloting digital storytelling and action research as an approach to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy and behaviour change

A report has been released last week detailing a research project commissioned by DEFRA and conducted by the University of Bath that explored the effectiveness of digital storytelling, conveyed through the use of short video clips, as a means to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy amongst the 50 plus age group.

You can access the report at the following link here